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Photo by Feyd Angeles:

Cru Encarnação is a performance artist, writer and translator born in Lisbon and based in Berlin. They have studied Philosophy and Comparative Literature at Freie Universität Berlin.
With theoretical influences from the fields of Phenomenology and Feminist Philosophy of Science and through a critical subversion of masculinity in 19th century Magic Performance, the History of Science and Transsexual discourse, Cru Encarnação investigates the tensions between Science and Magic. He explores the grammars of perception and how illusion and accidentality inform collective belief, the physicality of socially constructed meaning and marginal definitions of “technology” and “knowledge”. His interests include Neo-Eschatology, Machinery, Chemistry and Conspiracy.

He has presented his work in venues such as nGbK, STUK Leuven, Horse&Pony, DICE- Festival, vorspiel & transmediale, ACUD MACHT NEU, Alte Münze and MOLT. His written work has been published by the collectives Bridge (Germany), FALTA (Portugal), trains (USA) or Montag Modus (Germany) and broadcasted by Cashmere Radio and Noods Radio. Within the portuguese artistic context, he performed at the festival "The Shape of a Circle in the Dream of a Fish" co-organized by Serpentine Galleries and Galeria Muncipal do Porto, took part in the piece "Atlântida" by Odete at TNDMII, was one of the artists in residence with the grant "InResidence" in Porto at "Pedreira" and has presented his work at Rua das Gaivotas 6, in Lisbon.

Artistic work

2013 - 2015 Active in the Slam-Poetry scene in Lisbon
04-06/2015 Concerts for the Portuguese poetry publisher Douda Correria

05-07/2015 Band Tomy and the Crubi
06/2016 Film The Hollow Space of the Post (collaboration with Ana Antadze)

09/2016 Reading at the exhibition YMM LX

10/2016 Organisation and participation in the event Domingo

01/2017 Film Floema (collaboration with André Correia)

09/2017 Reading at the exhibition YMM LX

07/2018 Reading/Performance at the event Low Text (The Congress of Marginalized Semantics)

09/2018 Zines Edmundo and 3 Texts in English

since 02/2018 Author in the online-platform Liberoamérica

05/2018 Translation of the book Pauliceia Desvairada (from Portuguese to German)

11/2018 Text for the magazine F A L T A
11/2018 Audiobook Pancha
12/2018 Performance Casual Amnesia at the event Fck the Fckers

01/2019 Performance First to Blink at the opening of Vorspiel/transmediale & CTM

01/2019 Performance/LARP, (within the context of Omsk Social Club) for transmediale &CTM
01/2019 Performance Casual Amnesia at Ooops!404 for Vorspiel/transmediale & CTM

03/2019 Text for the comic book Roachciety by Rita António
07/2019 Acting for the film installation Curiosities from the Cabinet by Eduardo Brito

07/2018 Translator and actor for the film Transformer by Sara Lovering

08/2018 Organisation participation/performance at the event SsqueezE

09/2018 Model for photoshoot with artist Efraín

11-12/2019 Three-day durational performance-installation uncycled at gallery Zwitschermaschine for the exhibtion Water~Sound~City

12/2019 Durational performance installation Emo_Bot at Horse&Pony for drift.4

01/2020 Interview for Dakoi’s deskuneksu, show in Radio Quântica, Lisboa, Portugal

01/2020 Radio Show for Cashmere Radio with collective drift
02/2020 Fck the Fckers #4 organisation at Acker Stadt Palast

03/2020 Performance Emo-Bot at diffrakt., Berlin, for Symposium Cybiosis organised by Nordic Summer University

05/2020 Agency, Revolution and Emotionality as Coded Plasticity performance-lecture for Butters House Club

05/2020 Agency, Revolution and Emotionality as Coded Plasticity performance-lecture for Transhumanism.Exe

06/2020 Guest mix for Odete’s show Bitchcraft at Radio Quântica

06/2020 Performance Emo_Bot at ACUD MACHT NEU for gallery show Do not touch

08/2020 Reading at Trrueno ’s radio show
09/2020 Collaboration with Qeeiqeei for online exhibition at Mutek Montreal

10/2020 Performance-lecture at nGbK Berlin in collaboration with Elena Vogman Three Billion Perverts, or: the Desire of Machines
10/2020 Publication Infodemic Hedonism at Bridge reading at Hopscoptch Reading Room

11/2020 Track Reverse Hadean in collaboration with Bungalovv for Trrueno’s

12/2020 Mix INVERSE with Bungalovv for Ma3azef Radio
01-02/2021 Durational project Hypochondria & Apocalypse for Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM hosted by Künstler Künstlerin.
02/2021 Video Zloan in collaboration with Alik
03/2021 Lecture NON-DIEGESIS: DISSOCIATIVE METHODS OF SOUND IN PERFORMANCE for SVR-Gender Studies Humboldt University Berlin 03/2021 Lecture NON-DIEGESIS: DISSOCIATIVE METHODS OF SOUND IN PERFORMANCE for Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin

07/2021 Publication of Destruction at Io for US-based magazine trains

07/2021 Text SEERSUCKER for Montag Modus’ publication Ecology of Attention

08/2021 Digital Zine ILDITIO in collaboration with Alik
09/2021 Performance Reflection Reloaded for Festival Ano 0 at Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon, Portugal
10/2021 Performance The Ballad for Montag Modus’ Share Holders III at Alte Münze, Berlin

11/2021 Mix Borgerotikum in collaboration with Bungalovv on Cashmere Radio

11/2021 Organization & participation in readings-event with Natalie Mariko, Rebecca Nea Alemee, Francisca Vera at Holden Garage, Berlin

12/2021 Sculptures Dinner Plates for exhibition-performance HOT KOTZ BUNS at BSMNT Gallery, Leipzig

02/2022 Organization & participation in readings-event with Nat Marcus, etaïnn zwer, Monilola Olayemi Ilupeju at TOP e.V, Berlin

03/2022 Performance Gyroscope With Evil Above at ACUD MACHT NEU for Emergency Gathering, Berlin

03/2022 Performance Full Moon in Virgo, outdoor location, Berlin

03/2022 Lecture Dissociative Methods of Sound in Performance for DICE-Festival, Berlin

04/2022 Performance Gyroscope With Evil Above for event Gems, Berlin

06/2022 Readings for Künstler Künstlerin, Berlin

06/2022 Residency with Odete & Alice Azevedo at Espaço do Tempo, Montemor

06/2022 Performance Everything Starts With Your Enemies, for L Exp, Berlin

07/2022 Modelling-performance for Julieta Omil's clothing collection

09/2022 Performance Gyroscope With Evil Above for event forever unlimited, at arkaoda, Berlin

09/2022 Performance and co-criation - Odete’s piece Atlântida, at the National Theatre, Lisbon

10/2022 Performance Sleeve at STUK Leuven for event Mimi Curates, Leuven

10/2022 Performance Sleeve at event O111L at Fitroy, Berlin

11/2022 Performance The Back of Five for festival The Shape of A Circle In The Dream of a Fish, organized by Galeria Municipal do Porto and Serpentine Gallery, Porto.

11/2022 Zines Inverse & ILDITIO

12/2022 Performance Calculus Chain (durational) for MINA

12/2022 Co-founding of The Cursed Assembly

11-12/2022 Residency at the collective Pedreira, Porto

01/2023 Performance, curation and direction of the performative exhibition SF13[…], at Pedreira, Porto

01/2023 Durational performance O Vapor dos Números at Rua das Gaivotas, Lisboa.

03/2023 Sonic piece Salpicos de Terceiro Grau for “Um Século de Moedas”, collective exhibiton curated by EGEU and Teia Radio

04/2023 Performance Solar Eclipse New Moon, outdoors, Berlin

05/2023 Performance Endless Anagram, Horst Festival, Brussels

06/2023 Performance And I Will Tell You a Story of Hands for collective HeartQore, Berlin

07/2023 Performance Print for collective exhibition at MOLT, Berlin

08/2023 Performance ACT III with Parasite Agency, SLUG gallery, Leipzig

11/2023 Performance Pinocchio or the Scientific Demonstration of Lies for Odete's solo show "Artifício", Galerias Municipais, Lisboa

01/2024 Performance If These Hands Have So Much To Do With Explanation As They Do With Deception, Then Maybe These Hands Are

for collective Curandera, LARK, Berlin

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